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Pakistani Diplomat Calls Taekwondo His Destiny

Posted September. 04, 2009 08:42,   


“I’m really sorry for being late.”

Hairy beard, eagle eyes, thick arms and a good physique. The first impression was quite strong. On why he was sorry though on time, he said, “It’s polite to arrive 10 minutes early to greet someone.”

Shaukat Fazal, 45, is a celebrity in Pakistan. A drama on the Korean martial art taekwondo starring Fazal in 1993 was a big hit. He came to Korea because of taekwondo and has trained in the art since 1987.

Taekwondo helped him earn a major role in the drama. A television producer who happened to visit a taekwondo studio chose him as a hero on the spot. With an outstanding appearance and stellar skills, he admirably performed his role in a drama that popularized the sport.

“After the drama was aired, more people wanted to learn taekwondo, so I opened a taekwondo club,” he said. His club has produced more than 500 black belt holders.

Fazal was honored for promoting taekwondo abroad at the three-day World Taekwondo Leaders’ Forum hosted by Kukkiwon, the headquarters of the World Taekwondo Headquarters. As one of 200 global leaders of taekwondo, he said he thanks Kukkiwon for giving him the opportunity to contribute to the martial art.

Admiring his father for serving as a soldier of a special troop, the Pakistani wanted to become a soldier. After seeing a taekwondo practice, he said, “I was fascinated by the beautiful kicks and disciplined posture.”

He then began his romance with the martial art.

Now a sixth-degree black belt, Fazal has passed down his love for taekwondo to his five children, including his second-degree black belt eldest daughter and his youngest son, who is just two.

“My happiest moment is when I see my youngest son mimic taekwondo kicks,” Fazal said.

Also a Pakistani diplomat, he said, “I want to become an ambassador for taekwondo to let the world know more about it.”

“When I was hospitalized for high blood pressure a few years ago, I was wearing a taekwondo suit. Taekwondo is dear to my heart.”