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`Invincible` Fedor Rules Mixed Martial Arts World

Posted June. 25, 2009 09:06,   


“The most powerful among primates,” “the last emperor,” "one in six billion," and “the mixed martial arts fighter created by God.”

These nicknames describe world heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko, 33, who has 30 wins, one loss and one draw. Among his wins, seven were by knockout and 16 by submission.

Only seven of Fedor`s opponents have gone the distance against him, showing his incredible fighting capacity.

His only loss came in December 2000 to Tsuyoshi Kohsaka at the Rings King of Kings. Fedor suffered a technical knockout due to a cut in his forehead caused by an elbow, so experts say he really has no loss.

Fedor is considered the perfect fighter with outstanding technique, stamina, flexibility and mental spirit. Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator Kim Nam-hoon said, “Fedor is armed with not only speed and power but also the good brain of a strategist.”

“He holds the spirit of a warrior who never surrenders under any circumstances and coolmindedness. Hence, his rivals can hope to defeat him only when he loses stamina at an advanced age.”

Kim added, “Fedor boasts an amazing vision that allows him to trace his opponent’s moves and is extraordinarily agile in punching. He was born to be a fighter.”

Other analysts say Fedor’s image as an invincible fighter also strikes fear in his would-be challengers.

Lee Seong-ho, editor of M Fight magazine and commentator for the tournament Affliction: Banned, said, “Fedor’s opponent will always doubt whether he can defeat Fedor,” adding, “It would be difficult for someone to beat Fedor even when highly confident of victory, and defeat will be obvious if he is scared of Fedor from the very beginning.”

The fighter’s trademark skills include the “Russian hook,” his iconic powerful punching technique, and “ice pounding,” through which he punches en masse.

So can anyone defeat Fedor? Experts say none can now but several fighters have challenged him.

Josh Barnett, nicknamed “The Baby Faced Assassin,” will fight Fedor at Affliction 3: Trilogy Aug. 2. UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, and Alistair Overeem are Fedor’s other challengers.