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`Military Read to Immediately Counter N. Korean Attack`

Posted June. 01, 2009 22:19,   


A high-ranking South Korean military official said yesterday that the South will do everything it can to prevent and intercept a preemptive attack by North Korea.

“Whatever North Korea uses to provoke South Korea, including vessels, cannons, or missiles, we will use all kinds of firepower to incapacitate its attempts if it preemptively attacks the South,” he said.

“Even if we are surprised by an unexpected North Korean attack, the leaders of our military squads will launch an immediate counterattack instead of asking for approval from their higher-ups. Our military units have been ordered to wage an immediate counterattack if they face any provocative moves from North Korea.”

South Korean Defense Minister Lee Sang-hee has also repeatedly said, “If North Korea makes any provocative move, our military will launch an immediate response and end the provocation on the spot. If North Korea attacks South Korean vessels in the Yellow Sea, we will hit the missile launch pads.”

Another military officer said, “We have countermeasures to deal with all kinds of scenarios. North Korea could use its patrol boats to attack our vessels as it did in the first and second Yeonpyeong Island naval battles. It could also use short-range missiles or submarines. We’ll use all kinds of firepower to finish the fight in the least amount of time.”

The first Yeonpyong battle lasted 14 minutes in 1999 and the second 18 minutes in 2002.

The officer added, “Especially, the second squadron of our naval forces in charge of protecting the Yellow Sea is determined to fight North Korea since the second Yeonpeyong battle took the lives of some soldiers who tried to protect the Northern Limit Line. Military leaders and soldiers in the Yellow Sea are ready to fight.”