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Roh`s Bereaved Family in Disbelief Over His Death

Posted May. 25, 2009 03:42,   


On the second day after the death of former President Roh Moo-hyun, mourners streamed into the mortuary set up at a town hall at the village of Bongha in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province.

The deceased’s elder brother Gun-pyeong, son Gun-ho, daughter Jeong-yeon, and son-in law Kwak Sang-eon greeted mourners yesterday.

Roh Gun-pyeong returned to the village early in the morning six months after being indicted for bribery, and visited a temporary altar to pay his respects to his late brother. Accompanied by Roh Gun-ho, the elder Roh entered the mortuary around 8:40 a.m. He looked haggard and said nothing to waiting reporters.

A close confidant to the elder Roh said, “His health worsened due to his long stay in prison,” adding, “He was a father to the former president, so he is probably in indescribable shock.”

As a representative of the bereaved family, Roh Gun-pyeong will be in charge of the funeral until Friday, when his provisional release from prison ends.

The bereaved wife Kwon Yang-sook remained at her home for the second straight day and has not appeared at the mortuary. A person who visited the former president’s home said, “Yesterday, she couldn’t eat but she did today,” adding, “She is psychologically unstable and sobbing non-stop calling the former president.”

Min Mi-yeong, the wife of the elder Roh, and secretary Park Eun-ha are reportedly comforting Kwon.

The late president’s two children remained at the mortuary to receive mourners. They displayed a grave look all day, apparently in disbelief over their father’s death. Except for a brief rest at dawn, they stood by the body of their father.

When four men in their 30s visited the mortuary, Roh Gun-ho greeted them clasping their hands. Roh Jeong-yeon is said to have kept wailing while looking at her late father’s portrait.

A source at the funeral committee said, “Now that a people’s funeral will be held, we are discussing detailed procedures of the funeral with the bereaved family.”