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Scenic Gangwon Province to Host Int`l Triathlon June 14

Posted May. 15, 2009 08:02,   


The triathlon allows competitors to fully enjoy nature.

After a competitor swims through the high seas, his or her body holds the scent of the ocean. By pedaling a bicycle to reach far and high, his or her heart will pump near maximum capacity and be full of nature`s energy.

The last course is running, which has the longest history among all sport. The deep rumbling of the ground does not just touch the sole but is also reflected in the runner’s short breaths.

Along with Triathlon Korea, The Dong-A Ilbo will hold the 2009 High 1 International Triathlon Competition June 14 across the cities of Samcheok and Taebaek and the counties of Jeongseon and Yeongwol in the eastern province of Gangwon.

The daily is hosting the event to promote a healthy and sound sports culture in Korea.

The competition will be organized as O2 course, or double Olympic distance course consisting of three kilometers of swimming, 80 kilometers of bicycling, and 20 kilometers of running.

Competitors must swim in the sea nearby Samcheok beach and go over the Taebaek Mountains on a bicycle twice. They will run along Korea’s highest ridge road Hwajeolryeong-gil of Mount Baekun in Jeongseon County.

The event has courses in which players can see the beautiful scenery of Gangwon Province. Beaches, roads and mountain paths will not have artificial facilities added to keep the triathlon an environment-friendly event.

The International Triathlon Union has made a strong effort to promote an O2 course. Many believe a triathlon refers to an ironman course consisting of 3.9 kilometers of swimming, 180.2 kilometers of bicycling and 42.195 kilometers of running. All triathlon players hope to participate in an ironman competition, but the union plans to promote an O2 course, which is easier to finish than an ironman course.

Expected to compete in the event are around 60 outstanding competitors and 500 amateurs. Jimmy Johnson of Denmark, who ranked first in the international union’s Triathlon Long Distance World Championship last year, will compete.

Korea’s most well-known ironman Park Byeong-hun will also throw his hat into the ring. In June 2007, he became the first Korean to win a global ironman competition with a time of eight hours, 46 minutes, and 32 seconds at the Ironman Japan Competition in Nagasaki, Japan.

Anyone can enter the event (www.triathlon.or.kr).