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Russians Shun `Outdated` Labor Day Slogans

Posted May. 04, 2009 07:56,   


"Though Russia was founded by the Communist Party, outdated slogans originating from the era of the former Soviet Union are no longer valid."

This was a comment by people who gathered at the statue of Vladimir Lenin at Kaluga Plaza in central Moscow on Labor Day Friday. Members of the Communist Party shouted at youngsters who were doing inline skating around the statue, "You shouldn’t do inline skating at the sacred statue of Lenin," but citizens hit back by asking why is Lenin`s statue honored only on Labor Day.

When the rally began, senior members of the party`s Moscow branch chanted slogans originating from the Soviet era through microphone, like "Put capitalism into the trash bin of history," and "Return bourgeois money to workers." Most people, however, were with their families taking pictures at the plaza.

The Daily Online said civic group members and political parties who made unique and innovative slogans attracted more public support than the Communist Party, which chanted outdated mottos from the former Soviet Union. The medium also reported that certain civic groups said before the Communist Party`s rally in Novosibirsk said, "Don`t teach us. We’ll teach you," attracting public praise.

The slogans primarily used by the Russian Justice Party, the second-largest political group in the country, were "Don’t drive residents to disaster” and "Cut apartment maintenance costs." Another was "Workers shouldn’t be poor," earning hearty applause from the more than 5,000 people in attendance.

Russians say they are sick and tired of outdated slogans originating from the Soviet Union era, so labor groups there are scrambling to devise innovative ideas.

The Communist Party had big expectations for its Labor Day rally this year because of anticipation of a growing approval rating given the economic crisis. Most people left for vacation, however, and the mood of rallies and demonstrations was more downbeat than last year, the daily Kommersant reported.