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Greece Unrest Threatens to Spread Throughout Europe

Posted December. 13, 2008 08:25,   


Anti-government rallies in Greece that continued for the seventh day yesterday spread throughout Europe by provoking youths suffering from high unemployment. Spain, Denmark, Italy, France and Germany also witnessed similar demonstrations.

Some 200 young protestors in the Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona attacked stores and banks. In France, a group of youths set ablaze two cars and garbage bins outside the Greek consulate in Bordeaux.

Protestors gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Rome Wednesday, Frankfurt, Germany, Tuesday, and in front of the Greek Embassy in Berlin Monday to stage violent rallies, damaging police vehicles and pelting riot police with firebombs.

European governments are worried that the demonstrations in Greece could provoke disaffected youth in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Across Europe, Internet media have begun to advocate taking to the streets like those in Greece.

In Spain, the anti-globalization Web site Nodo50.org reported rallies in Barcelona and Madrid under the headline, “State Assassins, Police Executioners," saying, “We stand in solidarity with the Greek protesters.”

In the United Kingdom, london.indymedia.org, which claims to pursue grassroots journalism, urged the public to follow the Greek example and "Burn the banks that robbed you ... It is a great opportunity to expand the revolution throughout Europe.”