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Pres. Lee, Obama Agree to Strengthen Alliance

Posted November. 08, 2008 09:16,   


President Lee Myung-bak and U.S. President-elect Barack Obama yesterday agreed to further strengthen their bilateral alliance.

As a response to President Lee’s congratulatory letter, Obama called the Korean leader at 7:17 a.m. Korea Standard Time.

In a phone conversation lasting about 12 minutes, Obama said relations between Seoul and Washington are already solid and urged a stronger alliance as closer ties will be a cornerstone for peace and stability in Asia.

Obama also stressed beefing up economic and security relations, while suggesting closer cooperation in dealing with the financial crisis or North Korea’s nuclear program.

In response, President Lee agreed with Obama, stressing the need for a closer international partnership in handling the financial crisis, energy resources, the environment, poverty and other pending global issues.

The Korean president said both sides must cooperate to maintain peace and stability in Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula, and to resolve North Korea’s nuclear disarmament.

President Lee again congratulated Obama’s election victory, saying, “Not only the American people, but also many countries around the world are looking forward to the changes and hope Obama’s administration will bring.”

Obama responded by saying he is a great admirer of Korea and its people and hoping for closer personal relations in the near future.