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Jeju Island to Get Commercial-Naval Port

Posted September. 12, 2008 03:59,   


A naval base will be built in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, for commercial and military purposes.

The government confirmed the plan yesterday at a national policy coordination meeting at the Central Government Complex in central Seoul.

An additional 53.4 billion won (48 million U.S. dollars) will go to build mooring facilities, terminals and a marine park where two 150,000-ton cruise vessels can stay.

In addition, state support will go to development projects for the multi-port and Jeju based on a comprehensive plan for regional development.

Over the last four years, the construction plan has fueled disputes on Jeju. Because of the demand for a multi-port to serve both commercial and military purposes, the National Assembly approved the budget after conducting a feasibility study last year.

“The construction of a naval base on Jeju is strategically important to safeguard our sovereignty in the Pacific area and to manage the southern sea that serves as a seaway,” said Park Cheol-gon, a deputy administrator from the Prime Minister`s Office.

“We decided to develop the base as a multi-port for commercial and military use to seek balance between national and regional development.”

Jeju Governor Kim Tae-hwan told a news conference, “The multi-port will upgrade Jeju. I will do my best to create a win-win model to serve as a good example of the cooperation between the central and provincial governments.”

Residents of Gangjeong-dong, Seogwipo, the area where the base will be built, opposed the idea, however, saying, “Only the name has changed into multi-port. Nothing has changed in the construction plan.”