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[Editorial] Successful Beijing Olympics, Go Korea!

Posted August. 08, 2008 06:26,   


The Beijing Summer Olympics, strenuously prepared for by the 1.3 billion Chinese, will be celebrated from today to Aug. 24 with about 15,000 athletes from 205 countries participating. China is keen to make the world’s largest sports competition a success on its home turf. Since Beijing was named host city in 2001, China has exerted itself to show its best face at the Olympics.

These Olympics hold significant meaning in that Beijing is about to exhibit Asian power through the games. The Chinese capital is the third to host the Summer Games in Asia, after Tokyo in 1964 and Seoul in 1988. All of these events indicate the countries that have played the leading roles in Asia, along with their rapid advancement.

China is said to have spent 40 billion dollars for state-of-the-art stadiums and facilities, the biggest amount in Olympic history. This reflects the host government’s eagerness to stand out in the global community through this sporting event, since China has recently cut a conspicuous figure after experiencing massive reform.

The process to stage today’s opening ceremony wasn’t easy. The Olympic torch relay met fierce protests following China’s crackdown in Tibet. Worse, a massive earthquake devastated southwestern China`s Sichuan Province. In addition, fear is growing over terrorist attacks during the Olympics.

Our sincere hope is that Beijing can embody the noble Olympic spirit of promoting global peace, harmony and co-existence by overcoming these challenges and successfully hosting the games. With its slogan "One World One Dream," China has pursued an Olympics stressing humanity, green and science. In particular, we are interested in the “Humanity” Olympics.

The opening ceremony is expected to display Chinese culture and arts as cherished throughout China’s long history. Beijing will make every effort to emerge as an economic powerhouse in the 21st century after the Games. China should take this opportunity to reflect on its expansive policy, which makes its neighbors uneasy, and contribute to world peace and mutual prosperity. To do that as a responsible member of the international community, Beijing should sincerely reflect on the real meaning of holding a world sports competition.

Finally, we hope the Korean national team displays its capability on the world stage to meet our country’s expectations. We give our unsparing support to the Korean team.