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Scorching Heat Expected This Summer

Posted May. 24, 2008 08:56,   


Korea will have a prolonged hot weather with frequent heavy rains due to unstable atmospheric conditions this summer. The rainy spell will begin late June.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said yesterday, “The average temperature will stay between 19 and 26 degrees Celsius from June to August, similar to the past record. However, the temperature fluctuations will be severe between the heat wave and temporary drops in the mercury.

The weather agency predicted that the rainy season will begin late June and temporarily come to a state of lull early July. Precipitation will amount to 346-676 mm like in previous years.

About 11 or 12 typhoons, compared to the average 11.2, are expected to appear and two or three out of them, compared to the average 2.4, will affect Korea this summer.

The Korea Meteorological Administration also forecast, “Due to La Nina, Korea is highly likely to suffer from abnormal weather conditions such as torrential rainfalls and sudden drops in temperature.” In particular, the agency warned that August will see the scorching heat accompanied by regional heavy downpours.

In contrast to El Nino, La Nina lowers surface temperatures of the East Pacific by 0.5 degrees Celsius from the average temperature and results in floods, droughts and cold spells.