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Prosecutors Grill Kim Noh-sik Over Yang’s Election

Posted April. 23, 2008 05:12,   


A team of prosecutors, which has been investigating alleged irregularities involving the Pro-Park Alliance’s nomination of 31-year-old lawmaker-elect Yang Jeong-rye, based on the party’s proportional representation seat, summoned Kim Noh-sik, who also secured the party’s proportional representation seat, to question him as a witness.

Prosecutors grilled Kim, the party’s supreme council member, who served as a member of the candidate-screening committee in the April general elections, regarding Yang’s nomination and allegations against her.

As Kim was in charge of the party’s accounting, prosecutors focused their questioning on the 1.5 billion won that Yang’s father transferred to the party’s account and the circumstances of the transfer, as well as the “special party membership fee” of 100 million won that Yang paid to the party, according to sources.

Chung Kuk-kyo, a United Democratic Party (UDP) proportional lawmaker-elect, attended a hearing at the Seoul Central District Court Tuesday afternoon over the validity of the advance warrant issued on him on Monday over allegations of reaping undue profit (violation of Securities Exchange Law) worth some 40 billion won through stock price manipulation.

When asked whether he paid one billion won to the party as a special membership fee and whether he admitted to stock manipulation charges just before the hearing began, Chung replied that the allegations were groundless.

Pro-Park Alliance Lawmaker-elect Kim Il-yun of Gyeongju also attended a hearing at the Daegu District Court Tuesday afternoon regarding the validity of the advance warrant issued on him for allegations of distributing bribes worth 41 million won to election campaigners during the campaign for parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, the Ansan branch of the Suwon District Prosecutors` Office raided on Tuesday morning the office of Pro-Park Alliance Lawmaker-elect Hong Jang-pyo of Ansan, as well as a local newspaper office and a printing house in Ansan.

The raids came following a complaint filed by Lee Jin-dong, who ran for the National Assembly on the GNP ticket against Hong in the same electorate. Lee says that Hong spread false information and lied that he was the CEO of the newspaper that was raided.

In the meantime, the Creative Korea Party appealed to the Supreme Court in an attempt to nullify the election of Lee Han-jeong, who was given the party’s proportional seat, but recently put behind bars on charges of fabricating academic and career records.

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