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Pro-Park Figures Mull over Non-partisan Alliance

Posted March. 14, 2008 03:05,   


“The candidate nomination of the Grand National Party is regressive and anti-historical. It is mudded by shady, close-door dealings, elimination of potential political rivals and a winner-takes-all approach,” said former GNP Chairman Suh Chung-won.

Following former Chairwoman Park Geun-hye’s criticism on Wednesday, Rep. Suh, who also served as an advisor to Park, criticized the party’s candidate selection on Thursday in a harsh tone.

On his visit to the party headquarters in Yeouido, Suh said, “The candidate nomination of the party has been dictatorial and has denied the fundamentals of Korea’s democratic politics even more than the authoritarian regimes used to do.”

“Though they are shouting ‘reform’ out loud with their mouth, President Lee Myung-bak and his close aides are also mercilessly purging their rivals by using all kinds of dirty and sneaky tricks,” Suh said.

Suh claimed that young and competent politicians have also been revenged for helping Park, saying that the list of candidates had already been made behind closed doors.

Suh also argued that candidates close to Lee have been favored in the nomination, leaving little room for pro-Park candidates. “(If a candidate close to Park has a lower approval rating in opinion polls,) they will say that he shouldn’t be nominated because his approval rating is one percent lower. On the contrary, if his approval rating is high, they will say that he shouldn’t run in the elections because he does not appeal to the public.”

Suh said, “Some suggest forming a non-partisan alliance or launching a new party, while others suggest that we should stick to the existing party.” “I will keep an eye on how much President Lee and his royalists will correct their destructive and regressive actions. However, if a fight is evitable, I’ll lead the fight.”

Suh also underlined that Park is not responsible for internal disputes.

Meanwhile, pro-Park candidates eliminated in the nomination have made some progress in forming a “non-partisan alliance.” Rep. Lee Q-taek met with some 20 pro-Park candidates, who have also failed to receive a GNP ticket to run in the elections in Seoul metropolitan areas, discussed their future course on Thursday evening. Lee said, “We will deliberate all possible measures, including forming a non-partisan alliance, and finalize our decision by Friday.”

However, pro-Park lawmaker Lee Jin-koo, who was also disqualified to receive a GNP card, said, “I wonder how powerful the non-partisan alliance will be without Park.” “If Park bolts from the party after the nomination list for the Gyeongsang provinces is announced, she will be able to form a political party. This will have a very strong impact. On the other hand, if Park stays in the party, the rejected nominees will either seek a non-partisan alliance or join the True Owner Alliance after changing its name to the Future Korea Party or join the Liberty Forward Party.”