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Lee Hoi-chang’s Son Secretly Summoned for Investigation

Lee Hoi-chang’s Son Secretly Summoned for Investigation

Posted February. 10, 2008 03:10,   


The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office investigating allegations regarding the 2002 presidential election funds was confirmed to have secretly summoned Lee Soo-yeon, second son of Liberty Forward Party`s Chairman Lee Hoi-chang, right before the beginning of the Lunar New Year’s holidays.

Prosecutors questioned Lee Soo-yeon on whether he was involved in the money laundering of the slush funds raised for the 2002 presidential election. The focus of the probe was on the flow of the money Lee has spent in purchasing his apartment and increasing his wealth since the 2002 presidential election.

Lee allegedly claimed his innocence upon submitting documents including bills and financial contracts on the apartment sale. He reportedly said, “The money I’ve spent in buying the apartment has nothing to do with the presidential election funds. Even tax authorities concluded there was no irregularity (regarding my asset) after its audit following the election.”

Last month, the prosecution also questioned Lee’s friend, only identified by his surname Jeong, and Seo Jeong-woo, a lawyer and close aide to Lee Hoi-chang. Jeong allegedly purchased national housing bonds worth 750 million won from Samsung Group at the request of Seo at the cost of 500 million won in cash in November and December 2002 and has been suspected of money laundering during this transaction.

Prosecutors have recently barred Lee Soo-yeon and Seo from traveling abroad after Jeong, who was under investigation, abruptly left for China on Jan. 23. The prosecution is reportedly examining a measure to reinvestigate Lee if Jeong keeps remaining abroad to avoid the probe.

The prosecution, however, did not question Lee Hoi-chang’s eldest son, due to the lack of evidence to suggest his engagement in this case.

Right before the 2007 presidential election, a weekly magazine, ‘Sisa In,’ raised suspicions that Lee’s two sons used part of the 2002 presidential election funds to increase their wealth. The probe started when Lee Hoi-chang sued the magazine for spreading false rumors.