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New Tech to Help Fight Video Copyright Infringement

Posted February. 01, 2008 08:06,   


Video identification technology is expected to help combat copyright violations, the biggest issue in video sharing, but details of the technology have yet to be unveiled.

A source at YouTube recently called video identification an innovative and cutting-edge tool that can keep track of every video requiring copyright protection.

If a video creator requests copyright protection after uploading his video on YouTube, the technology can keep track of the file on any Web site in the world to protect the copyright.

The technology reportedly can also detect illegal sharing even if part of the video is posted as a new video in disguise.

YouTube international manager Sakina Arsiwala told the Dong-A Ilbo in an interview that the company is testing video identification with various partners, and that the first test result was very good.

She said video identification will be the most innovative technology of our time, and that after several additional tests are done, it will be applied to Youtube.

If video identification greatly contributes to deterring video copyright infringement, the influence of the video sharing Web site in the market is expected grow significantly.

Youtube, which has approximately 150 million users around the world, runs its site in 19 countries, including Korea. Ten hours of videos are posted on the site every minute.