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Delispice Kim Min-gyu’s Strange but “Unrefusable”

Posted January. 31, 2008 07:07,   


Purity and decadence seem to coexist. The beautiful voice of the singer makes us think that the singer is an innocent child. But when dizzy high-pitched mechanical sounds completely stir us up, we are left wondering what the singer is really like.

Delispice member Kim Min-gyu’s one-man project group “Sweetpea,” launched its third album titled “An Unrefusable Offer” quoting from the movie Godfather. Kim Min-gyu said, “I tried new styles in the new album. I wanted to be honest to myself. I hope that my music, though perhaps strange, is unrefusable and tempting to many.”

Delispice, which has made six albums so far, is better known than Sweetpea. “Ciao Ciao,” which has the well-known lingering refrain, “I hear your voice,” and “Confession” are popular pieces of its music.

Kim, a sing-a-song writer, found and cultivated men duo “Jaeju Boys,” and wrote singer Lee So-ra’s “First Love.” He also wrote another song for Lee for her forthcoming album. Asked why he only writes songs for Lee, he answered, “Because she is the only one who sings more melancholically than I do.”

The album’s jacket features his face composed with thousands of pictures of him. This is the first time his face is printed on the album jacket. A smoky make-up with dark eye circles creates a unique image. He said, “I am inherently circumspect and weak, but when I put on a make-up, I feel like I become another person.”

The theme of the new album is a journey toward time, inspired by Japanese animation movie “The Girl Who Cut Time.” “A Day” of the album marks the beginning of the journey. An impressive sound effect at the end feels like time is going backward bringing us to the past.

At the end of the journey, however, there is a song titled “On the Darkest Night.” The Song, at night, makes you feel like your brain will crack up due to the repetitive theme of the song. “That was my very intention,” said Kim with a smile.

Various musicians participated in the album including Yoo Hee-yeol and Kim Banjang of Windycity, and sounds of Fender Rhodes, harmonica and trumpet will enrich your ears.

“The Meaning of You” in the album is a remake of Sanullim’s song and one of Delispice albums’ series of homage paid to Sanullim.

In the second album, Kim tried to imitate Kim Chang-ki of Dongmulwon’s singing and playing styles through “Things Being Forgotten.” This time, however, Kim wanted to give a new touch to the original song. “Though the original song is very good, there is so much space in the music that I felt it incomplete. I filled the space with my own sounds.”

Kim will have a concert in the Baekam Art Hall in Samseong-dong, Seoul, on February 14 and 15. His concert repertory will be rearranged to perform with a 12-member orchestra along with a six-member band. To accommodate the orchestra in the concert hall, he gave up 100 seats out of 500. Yoo Hee-yeol, Lee Jeok, Lee Seok-won and Taru will play in the concert.

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