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GNP Declares Political Reform from the Inner Circles

Posted January. 16, 2008 07:26,   


“State affairs should be executed in accordance with the national will. If the Grand National Party (GNP) makes efforts to cooperate, the next five year of its governance will not disappoint people,” said President-elect Lee Myung-bak on Jan. 15.

His remarks came when the GNP Chairman, Kang-Jae-seop, assessed Lee’s New Year press conference the other day during a meeting at president-elect Lee’s office in Seoul. The chairman said, “It is reported that the public agrees with you.”

Concerning the upcoming parliamentary election in April, Lee said, “I need to appeal for public support to aid stable governance. I trust Kang. You will take the lead.”

Concerning the GNP`s internal conflict over nomination, Lee stated, “Things have changed. The era of secret politics is finished. The GNP seems to have jumped to a conclusion based on ungrounded information,” virtually reputing the allegation by former chairwoman Park Geun-hye that Lee might be trying to fill the GNP ranks with the figures loyal to him.

He stressed the need to take caution over the party nomination, saying, “The candidate screening committee should be composed of more outside personnel. We should be careful of our language. The party should not play the leading role. All of us agreed that the party needs to receive a stable support.”

In response to Lee’s comment, Chairman Kang said, “I will do my best to maintain grace and independence of the party, and realize President-elect Lee’s governance philosophy. The first step is to secure the majority votes in the parliamentary election. Some say we have to secure at least 200 seats in the National Assembly, but it is too much.”

“The party will prepare the nomination in accordance with the public intention and will. I request for the maintenance of discipline on president-elect’s aides in order to avoid making unnecessary comments on this issue, in particular, allaying speculations that Lee’s people are trying to secure the nomination.”

President-elect responded by stressing the fact that, “There is no such organization. Moreover, the envisioned organization shouldn’t and wouldn’t prepare the party nomination.”

“(The United New Democratic Party) may agree with us in respect to crucial state policies. We have the mandate from the public and the UNDP will make a concession during the negotiation between the ruling and opposition parties,” said Lee concerning the extraordinary sessions of the National Assembly to address pending issues including the revision of the government organization law.