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No More Leave for New Army Recruits

Posted January. 03, 2008 04:35,   


The Defense Ministry will no longer allow new soldiers to take leave on the 100th day of their conscription, and will also cut regular leave as the length of service will be cut by 2014.

A ministry official said, “From February last year, recruits who finish boot camp are eligible for an overnight stay out and one day’s leave. So there is no need for rookie leave any more.”

With active duty service for the Army, Navy and Air Force set for a gradual reduction of six months between this year and July 2014, their leaves will also be cut accordingly.

Members of the Army and Marines now get 30 days of official leave, those in the Navy 35 days and those in the Air Force 28 days. From July 2014, however, the service period will get cut, so the Army and Marines will get 24 days of leave, the Navy 27 and the Air Force 28 days. Those in active service between this year and July 2014 will get leave relative to their service time.

The Defense Ministry will also unify different criteria of each branch for a day’s leave and sleepover on merit.