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BBK Probe Results to Trigger Reform of Candidates` Strategies

BBK Probe Results to Trigger Reform of Candidates` Strategies

Posted December. 05, 2007 08:26,   


The presidential race is almost halfway through and the DA’s office announces its investigation results today concerning the stock price manipulation case casually dubbed the “BBK scandal.” Accordingly, political parties and candidates are on the move, too, updating their strategies.

Candidates have been looking forward to the announcement for various reasons. The probe could have destroyed front-runner Lee Myung-bak of the Grand National Party (GNP), tipping the balance for the others.

Waiting for the announcement, each candidate is reforming his strategies and tactics.

GNP: Tightening Lee’s Lead–

The GNP believes that the DA’s “not –guilty verdict” will clear all the doubts and clouds hanging over its candidate, Lee, signaling a bright future for the front-runner.

When the prosecution releases its investigation results to the press today, GNP leader Kang will hold a press conference. At the conference, Kang will reportedly condemn the secret deal between Chris Kim, a defendant in the BBK case, and the rival United New Democratic Party (UNDP). Kang will also call on independent candidate Lee Hoi-chang to resign.

The GNP is now preparing a two-prong strategy for the remaining days. First, up until December 12, which is the date up to which the media are allowed to publish opinion polls, the party will pitch in to tighten its candidate’s lead by highlighting candidate Lee’s ability to resuscitate the ailing national economy and the need to topple the current socialist administration.

Lee Hoi-chang: Isolation Strategy –

On the other hand, independent runner Lee Hoi-chang will wage an all-out negative campaign if the DA’s office discharges GNP candidate Lee from all allegations, accusing the prosecution of a biased investigation.

An aide to Lee Hoi-chang confessed, “Faced with exoneration, we have to incorporate Lee [Myung-bak], President Roh and the DA’s office into our enemy category, and attack them together.”

Lee Hoi-chang does not exclude the option of forming an alliance with rival Chung Dong-young of the UNDP to isolate GNP candidate Lee.

UNDP: Counterattack with Independent Counsel Threat

The UNDP accused the prosecution yesterday of running an unfair investigation. It vows to introduce a bill to appoint an independent counsel to look into the BBK scandal and GNP candidate Lee’s alleged involvement.

UNDP campaign spokeswoman Kim Hyeon-mi told reporters yesterday at the National Assembly, “A magazine reported that the DA’s office coerced Chris Kim to exonerate Lee [Myung-bak]. If that is true, we will not accept the DA’s investigation results.”