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Venezuelan Voters Deny Chavez Rule-for-Life

Posted December. 04, 2007 04:15,   


The bid of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the leader of the left wing in Latin America, to rule for life, was thwarted yesterday.

A referendum on a constitutional revision including a repeal of presidential term limits and a ban on the confiscation of private property was rejected by voters in Venezuela Sunday. The National Electoral Council (NEC) announced Monday that the constitutional revision was rejected with 51% disapproving and 49% approving the measure.

Tibisay Lucena, chief of the National Electoral Council, said, “The ballot counting is currently 88% finished, and there is a two percentage difference between approval and disapproval votes. This trend does not seem to be reversing.” Voter turnout was 56%.

President Chavez also admitted his defeat. However, as he is still emphasizing the construction of a socialist state, conflicts with the opposition party over national administration are expected to arise.

The term of Chavez, who was re-elected last year, will expire at the end of 2012.