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Family Resort in Angkor Wat

Posted November. 30, 2007 03:18,   


Asking questions is a must in order to enjoy a good trip, because the fun of traveling is realized in the process of asking questions of the locals. It also feels good to have more knowledge. In this respect, being a well-rounded traveler is like being a seasoned journalist, because journalists need to ask a lot of questions.

The Smiles of Thais: Where Do They Come From?-

Thailand is a country of smiles. Asking where they come from has allowed me to understand Thailand better. This question has enabled me to understand how Thailand has become a country that offers some of the best and the most comfortable resorts in the world.

Thai smiles have various meanings, but it is not easy for foreigners to understand the true meaning of them. If they smile at someone slipping over a banana peel, it is a smile of concern. Smiling at someone who is apologizing for his or her mistakes is a smile of forgiveness. Smiling at someone who is thanking them for kindness is a smile of bashfulness. Smiling in a situation where opinions clash is a smile of diplomacy. Smiling in an embarrassing situation is a smile of acknowledging one’s mistakes and correcting them.

More important, however, than understanding the emotions of Thais is that smiles are contagious like yawns. An old saying like, “A soft answer turns away wrath,” is “Smiles beget smiles.” In Thailand, it is impossible not to have a good time on the beach under the sun as there are people with smiles there all the time.

The Best Resorts–

In an article about Hwajinpo (refer to “My Weekend” on August 17), this paper reported that Westerners evaluate the resort that has both lakes and beaches as the best resort. Hwajinpo and Wonsan (North Korea) are good examples. Myeongsashipni Beach in Wonsan was one of the top holiday destinations for missionaries who came to Korea in the 1930’s. Situated between a lake and the ocean with the golden sandy beach was Hwajinpo’s claim to fame. Due to the construction of a Japanese airbase when the Japanese authorities at the time were preparing for war with China, the houses of the missionaries were removed.

The summer houses used by missionaries were used later by the late Kim Il Sung and Lee Gi-bung as well.

A string of resorts located on Phuket, near the Andaman Sea, are situated on one of the best locations for resorts in the area. There are five resorts there, but only one is right next to the beach, called, “Laguna Phuket, Laguna Beach.”

Phuket Laguna Beach Has Angkor Wat Theme-

Angkor Wat is a place that conjures up the mysticism of Asia, and that is why it has been used as a theme in building resorts. The Palace of Lost City, which is a super-luxurious hotel in South Africa, is one of the representative hotels based on the concept of Angkor Wat.

Phuket Laguna Beach borrows water-related themes from Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom. It has a big outdoor pool that is connected to a jacuzzi, and this leads to waterways with walls decorated by artists alongside the shaded grass. This makes people feel as if they are exploring Angkor Wat.

Children can learn how to swim in a children’s pool with elephants, reminiscent of an elephant terrace that can be found in Angkor Wat.

Comfortable Family Resort-

Phuket Laguna Beach has a water park. Around 30 facilities offer pools for scuba-diving and wind-surfing lessons, along with many water slides. Sports recreation coordinators help tourists enjoy poolside activities.

The newly renovated 254 rooms of the resort are luxurious, with terraces and balconies that allow guests to enjoy the scenery. It is noticeable that they have “Deng,” which is a Thai traditional floor, just like Korea’s “maru” floor. It is evident that Phuket Laguna Beach cares about its guests.

There is also a Kids Club for children ages 4 to 11, which is free to use unless there is a special event scheduled. Opening hours are from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., 12 p.m. – 5 p.m., and 6. p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays.

Check-out times can be delayed to 2 p.m., but one needs to check the availability beforehand. Phuket Laguna Beach is a sister resort to PIC.

Food and Aroma Therapy Double the Fun-

There are four restaurants on this resort, and the Grange Grill is one of them. It gives its guests a taste of gourmet food. It serves grilled steaks and lobsters with wine. The traditional Thai food restaurant Lim Thale also serves great seafood dishes. These two restaurants have dress codes for dinner. Guests with a gold card will be provided with a glass of juice and soft drink or all-you-can-drink beer. A trail near the lake and restaurant is perfect for taking walks.

There is a Thai structure along the lake called the Angsana Spa, which is a world-class spa where people can experience therapy treatments using aromatic perfumes. This is the best place for guests to detoxify and relax.

The lagoon’s boat tour should not be missed either. There are five resorts along the lake, and free boats run between the resorts. It takes about an hour to make a full circuit of the resorts back to one’s starting point. Boat rides are another fun part of the resort stay as people can eat at other resorts or go shopping.

Two Korean staffers are available to answer questions and give help when needed.