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“Capabilities of Candidates Should Be Scrutinized”

Posted November. 26, 2007 22:53,   


Goh Hyeon-cheol, chairperson of the National Election Commission, made a public announcement asking for fair elections and correct decision making in the upcoming 17th presidential election at the Gwacheon Government Complex on Monday, one day before the official launch of the presidential election campaign.

Goh urged voters not to be influenced by groundless abuse, slander or malicious propaganda against candidates, saying, “Voters have to fight against all attempts to instigate regionalism or to split up the Korean people.”

He also emphasized that the criteria to select a candidate should be changed, saying, “Voters must scrutinize the capabilities, willingness and ability of a candidate to carry our campaign pledges without regional, blood or academic bias.”

Finally, he suggested that the parties and candidates show law-abiding spirit and a sense of responsibility. “They should not do anything to corrupt the election, and civic groups should run their campaigns under election law guidelines,” he added.