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Public Officials Could Face Salary Differences of Up to 14 Million Won

Public Officials Could Face Salary Differences of Up to 14 Million Won

Posted October. 23, 2007 07:29,   


Depending on capability, the salary gap among public officials will increase to as much as 14 million won next year from this year’s 7 million won.

According to the Ministry of Planning and Budget and the Civil Service Commission, the government is considering increasing a portion of its merit-based bonuses for high-ranking officials above level three from 5% to 10%.

In the case of high-ranking officials this year, public officials that receive the highest grade, “S,” will get paid 7.11 million won in bonuses, while those with lowest grade, “C,” will get no bonus. The current gap in bonuses is 7.11 million won.

If the bonuses double next year, the gap will widen significantly.

An official of the Civil Service Commission said, “The differences between bonuses among different grades has not been decided, but there is the possibility that the difference between grades S and C could reach as much as 14 million won.”

Considering that the average salary of high-ranking officials is 70 million won, 14 million won is not a small difference.

The bonus gap among public officials below level four is expected to exceed 6 million won next year, compared to 5 million won this year.

If level four officials get the highest rating, they will receive 5.18 million won in bonuses, while those who get a rating of C will get no bonuses.

The government is considering increasing the bonus for level four officials with S ratings from the current 5.18 million won to around 6.33 million won next year.