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Police Tracks Down Phone Conversation of Chung Supporter

Police Tracks Down Phone Conversation of Chung Supporter

Posted October. 03, 2007 03:14,   


On October 2, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency obtained and analyzed records of cell phone conversations by Jeong In-hun (45, female), who masterminded an identity theft including using the name of President Roh Moo-hyun for registering an electoral college in the United New Democratic Party’s primary to the benefit of former Uri Party Chairman Chung Dong-young.

The police believe that there are other party members who conspired with Jeong In-hun and are investigating her phone call records during a period between right before August 23, when she directed her son, Park (19), and his friends to falsely register electoral college, and September 30, the day she disappeared to avoid police inquiry.

A police spokesman said that it is highly likely that Jeong, an enthusiastic supporter for UNDP candidate Chung Dong-young, might have spoken with some potential ringleader or accomplices on her cell phone.

The police also decided to seek a warrant to conduct a search and seizure at her house to secure relevant evidence.

Meanwhile, it indicted Park and other two college students without detention on charges of manipulating private computer records and violating the resident registration law.