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KBS Board of Directors Pushes Ahead with Fee Increase Plan

KBS Board of Directors Pushes Ahead with Fee Increase Plan

Posted September. 10, 2007 07:48,   


The KBS board of directors faces criticism from the public. Deciding on a bill to raise TV reception fees, the board ignored objections from some directors. In South Korea, every household has to pay the fee.

According to the minutes of the 558th special meeting of the board held on July 9 this year, which were released by Grand National Party Rep. Park Chan-suk yesterday, some KBS directors demanded a fee increase moratorium, citing the need to listen to the public opinion first. But the opposing voices were ignored to hasten the passage.

Some pro-KBS directors argued for passage of the bill, saying any delay could become longer than expected with the term of office of Roh Moo-hyun drawing to an end. Thus, experts are predicting a heated debate and opposition in the National Assembly over the ratification of the bill.

None of the 10 directors was identified in the minutes other than Kim Geum-su, the chairman of the board of directors.

A director stated, “Some people consider the state-run broadcasting company biased. If we endorse this idea, we should not act on the fee-raising bill.”

Another director countered the suggestion with cynicism, saying, “It’s time to move. If we drag on, we will not introduce our bill to the National Assembly in the upcoming regular session.”

Chairman Kim reportedly demanded the withdrawal of the postponement suggestion, and the other directors sided with the chairman. Finally, the board decided to put the bill up for vote.

Chairman Kim took another bold step. Upon the demand from the majority of the directors, Chairman Kim declared the bill passed without a vote.

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