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Prosecutors Consider Re-investigation of Jeong Yun-jae

Posted August. 31, 2007 08:01,   


The Prosecutors’ Office is considering a re-investigation into former presidential protocol secretary Jeong Yun-jae, who allegedly was asked to prevent a tax probe.

On August 30, regarding a possible re-investigation of Jeong, a senior official of the Prosecutors’ Office said, “That is the responsibility of the Busan District Prosecutors’ Office. We should have confidence in them.”

What he said on August 30 was different from his previous remark: “We do not have written testimony or leads. So we do not intend to look into the case.”

Insiders of the Prosecutors’ Office predict that if the Busan Office expresses its intention to start an investigation to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, the higher office will consent.

It has been confirmed that while the Busan Regional Tax Office (BRTO) was looking into the owner of a Busan-based construction company, a Mr. Kim (41), at the encouragement of the former protocol secretary Jeong, gave 100 million won to BRTO chief Jeong Sang-gon. The BRTO gave the identity of the tipster to Mr. Kim and prodded him to appease the tipster with money.

The Busan District Prosecutors’ Office said, “While we were investigating Jeong, Mr. Kim said, ‘I was persuaded by a BRTO official to change the tipster’s mind with 50 million won.’”

In April and May of 2003 when the Participatory Government was just launched, Mr. Kim received billons of won in surety from the Kibo Technology Fund and the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.

In April 2003, Kim received 2.695 billion won and 1.293 billion won in surety from the Kibo Technology Fund and the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, respectively. In May, he was given 1.101 billion won in securities.

Meanwhile, Cheong Wa Dae spokesperson Cheon Ho-seon said in a regular briefing, “In a Cheong Wa Dae daily checkup session, it was pointed out that it was very inappropriate for the protocol secretary to set deputy commissioner Jeong with Mr. Kim. Public officials should be careful when meeting someone because that can prompt all kinds of speculation.”