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Jeong Arranged Meeting between CEO and Tax Official

Posted August. 29, 2007 07:22,   


Busan District Public Prosecutors` Office Deputy Director Jeong Dong-min and Director Kim Gwang-jun, who investigated graft charges against National Tax Service Director Jeong Sang-gon, told reporters on Tuesday, that former secretary to the president Jeong Yun-jae organized a meeting between Director Jeong and a CEO of a construction company.

The following are excerpts from the interview with Deputy Director Jeong and Director Kim.

-There have been reports that former secretary Jeong organized the meetings between Director Jeong and a CEO of a construction company.

“We would have to say that the former secretary, Jeong, actually perpetrated these deeds, instead of just saying that he allegedly perpetrated them.”

-What is the relationship between former secretary Jeong and CEO Kim?

“I cannot remember for sure, but I think they have known each other for a few years. They have meals together and sometimes play golf together. We did not investigate these trivial matters.”

-Why did former secretary Jeong arrange the meeting?

“From what I know, CEO Kim asked Jeong to do it.”

-Former secretary Jeong may have received a reward for organizing the meeting. Why did you decide not to investigate him?

“We have testimony that both Director Jeong and CEO Kim did not hand over money to Jeong. We did not even find any leads or indirect evidence to prove that Jeong received anything in return. At the time, we felt that there was no need to summon anyone else or investigate further into this issue. While we were working on indicting Jeong, Cheong Wa Dae called us to ask if Jeong was involved in the case and whether it should accept Jeong’s resignation. We were told that Jeong was only present at the meeting and was not charged with an offense.”