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Seoul National University Objects to Law School Quotas

Posted August. 27, 2007 07:26,   


Seoul National University submitted a written report objecting to the new legislated “Law School Act” by the government, which limits the number of students to 150 and sets up a quota of more than one third for non law majors and students who graduated from other universities.

The president of College of Law, Seoul National University, Ho Moon-hyuk said, “Upon the request of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development to submit a written opinion on the Law School Act, I raised concerns over some issues, including the enrollment quota and the vote quorum of the Legal Education Committee.”

Seoul National University criticized that limiting the number of students per law school goes against the variety, professionalism, and globalization of legal education, and that this is a policy which intends to make more universities have a law school. He called for expanding the quota up to 3,000 students and said that the maximum number of students per law school should be over 300 students.

He pointed out the Law School Enrollment Quota should be abolished in the long run since it infringes on the rights of universities protected by the constitution and cause reverse discrimination. Instead, for the time being, the quota for other universities should be allocated to less than one fifth, and quotas for non-law major students can be lowered to one fourth until 2011, the year freshmen from the class of 2007 will enter law school.

Also, he said that the Law Education Council, which has the authority to set quotas for individual universities, should change the vote quorum so that the decision is made by a majority vote instead of the current two thirds for the smooth progression of proceedings,

Korea University submitted a written opinion to the Education Ministry opposing the enrollment quota. The President of College of Law, Korea University, Ha Kyung-hoe said, “I wrote that setting up a limit on enrolling students is not reasonable for competitive education.” Yonsei University, although it did not submit any written opinion, reportedly was against the enrollment quota. However, most of the rest of Korea’s universities, except those mentioned above, agree on limiting the numbers of law students.