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“Implant Surgery Gave Me New Hair and New Life”

Posted August. 22, 2007 06:20,   


14 Days After Surgery: Routine Hair Wash Becoming Possible-

“You may lose some of the implanted hairs. Please don’t panic. It’s ok.”

I was shocked, listening to the warning from doctor Cho Seong-in of Theme Dermatology on my visit to the clinic for removal of stitches. Almost 80% of the implanted hairs, I was told, would fall out. New hairs would spring up and fill in later.

I was also told that I could resume routine hair washing. But I had big problems doing so. I took a great deal of care not to shampoo near the surgery areas. Rinsing was more difficult. But all the tedious chores belonged to my wife. I cannot see the back of my head.

Now I can shampoo and rinse with soft rubs to the operated-on areas.

The doctor gave a prescription for four-week dosage of propecia and minoxidil ointment to spur hair growth as well.

I tried a couple of oral drugs before. Concern about side effects and the long waiting line for prescriptions at the hospital led to frequent interruptions. I had to spray the minoxidil solution over the depilated scalp areas every morning and evening. I sweat a lot, and thus modified the rule a little. I did the medication only in the evening. That way, I could prevent it from getting into my eyes.

20 Days After Surgery-

One day, I felt rashes on the front of my scalp. Folliculitis, I suspected? “Pores may get damaged during the implant,” warned my doctor in advance. My suspicions were confirmed later. Fortunately, it was just in the early stage. Three days after the treatment, the skin inflammation was gone.

Doctor Cho recommended another treatment called “mesotherapy.” Under this therapy, my doctor would inject medicine into my scalp. Each injection contains nutrients that facilitate blood circulation and hair growth.

A four-week dose of propecia costs just 60 dollars, while one therapy treatment costs 65 dollars. For the first two months, I had to take the therapy once a week, and, for the next two months, once every two weeks. In the following six months, I have to take one therapy session per month. I slept on this matter, and finally decided to go for it.

25 Days After Surgery: Mesotherapy In Earnest-

On my first day, I thought I got cheated. Originally I just thought that only one shot would do each time. Unlike what I expected, I ended up spending 20 minutes on bed, getting almost 100 shots.

It was more than itchy. Every shot left an excruciating stinging feeling. After all the shots, I underwent a 10-minute laser treatment. My entire scalp felt numb.

On the therapy day, I had to keep my hair dry. Thus, I gave up the minoxidil spraying on the day.

Two weeks passed and all the red spots on my scalp disappeared. I was told that my hair became normal as before. I ran directly to a barber’s and got a haircut. I felt like I was walking on clouds.

65 Days After Surgery: Relapse-

All of sudden, my hair fell out. I expected it, but I couldn’t be more disappointed. My wife asked, “Didn’t you get an implant in the front? It’s almost as before.” I was wondering what happened. After examining my scalp carefully, Dr. Cho explained, “We conducted the implant not only on the damaged parts, but also on some of the normal areas. This way, your implanted hairs look as normal as your natural hairs. In the process, the skin cells may get damaged. Once things settle down, hair will grow again.”

I, however, could not brush off my uneasiness.

90 Days After Surgery: Hair Starting to Grow Again-

Sometime after 90 days, I combed my hair as usual with my fingers. Suddenly, I felt tough stubble on my scalp. New hairs had begun to grow. I felt wonderful. I got into the habit of rubbing my scalp. Being a newspaper photographer and the ensuing exposure to the sun always carries a huge risk of damaging the scalp. My doctor advised that I should wear a hat. It’s been almost 110 days since the first surgery. My hair keeps growing. The surviving 20% of the implanted hairs have grown almost two inches, and new hairs keep coming up.