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“You Are There to Share Love" Writes Mother of a Hostage

“You Are There to Share Love" Writes Mother of a Hostage

Posted July. 30, 2007 04:09,   


Lee Chae-bok, mother of Je Chang-hee, one of South Koreans held hostage by a Taliban group since July 20, wrote a letter to her only son yesterday at the office of hostage’s family members, located in Bungdang-gu, Seong-nam, Gyeonggi, saying, “We don’t know how such a terrible thing happened to us. You haven’t done anything that harms others. Your smiling face comes to mind so often, and it is really breaking my heart.”

The letter starting with “Lovely Chang-hee,” is filled with the mother’s strong love to her youngest child and only son, who received the strongest love from family members.

Lee also wrote that, “You went there to share love that you get from here, and I hope you endure the difficulties there by remembering the love of family here.”

Lee ended the letter with words, “My lovely son! I really want to see your smiling face. I will pray for your safe return.”

Meanwhile, family members who gathered in the office yesterday together with Lee looked very exhausted.

Some of them skipped meals and one man who is the father of one of hostages was smoking continuously outside he office to ease his feelings of unrest.

However, they showed a strong belief that their family members would come back healthy and safe, even though they are in disastrous conditions there.

Yu Jeong-hee, sister of Yu Jeong-hwa, whose voice was on the radio following Im Hyeon-ju, also told us her mixed feelings of relief and anxiety.

“When I heard my sister’s voice, I was very happy about that. I am pleased that my sister is still alive. I really want to see her again in the airport as early as possible,” said Yu Jeong-hee.

She also said that, “I am worried about the health conditions of people there, including my sister. I am just waiting for a report that informs us of the release of all 22 Korean hostages,” adding, “I really want to see her and give her a hug.”

On the other hand, Bae Shin-kyu, brother of the late Bae Hyung-kyu, said that, “Accepting the government’s call that it is difficult to preserve the body for a long time, we decided to move my brother’s body to Korea as soon as a flight becomes available.”

Initially, the family of Bae Hyung-kyu removed a mortuary that was set up in Seoul National University Hospital located in Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, saying that, “Since Bae was the leader of the group, his body should have came back together with the other 22 hostages.”

Bae Shin-kyu also said that, “We will put off any events, including funerals and memorial services, until all the hostages return to Korea,” adding, “We would like you to pay attention and make all-out efforts for the safe return of the hostages.”

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