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Idol Movie Still Has Hopes

Posted July. 19, 2007 04:52,   


When the movie Seventeen premiered in 1998, critics and viewers turned their backs. Although “Sechskies” – an idol star group then in its heyday – starred in the film, it was almost impossible to find anyone who bought tickets. With a flimsy plot centering on a bunch of high school students who wanted to become back-up dancers and with bad acting, the movie was a flop. The same held for Emergency Measure 19 released in 2002 despite its star-studded cast that included popular idol star groups such as “Finkl,” “Baby V.O.X.,” “Shinhwa,” and “Click-B.”

Against this backdrop, the new film Flower Boy to be released next Thursday is generating buzz. The movie is produced by SM Pictures, a subsidiary company of SM Entertainment. Unsurprisingly, 12 members of SM Entertainment’s very own idol star group “Super Junior” star in the movie. More unsurprising is that negative views are prevalent about the upcoming movie, which seems to resemble its two failed predecessors.

Contrary to our expectations, Flower Boy proved itself to be more than just a movie with good-looking idol stars when it premiered on Monday this week. Many critics pointed out that the movie was plot-oriented, not star-oriented. Unlike the past movies touting its pretty boy casting, Flower Boy kept all the viewers until the end with a fascinating mystery.

Another plus point is that it does not convey any loose social criticism or cheesy touching scenes like other idol movies attempted. Teenagers who resent their parents and society for not understanding them are nowhere to be found in this movie, separating itself from previous idol films featuring rebellious teens. Instead, the movie attempts to criticize teenagers addicted to the Internet and the cyber world. With three leading and nine supporting roles, all the characters add spice to the movie as well.