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DA’s Office Questioned Candidate Park’s Campaign Worker

DA’s Office Questioned Candidate Park’s Campaign Worker

Posted July. 18, 2007 04:00,   


The Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office questioned former lawmaker Seo Cheong-won yesterday, who is a key figure in Grand National Party’s presidential candidate Park Geun-hye’s camp. The DA’s office has been investigating the leakage of the personal information of another GNP leading presidential candidate and former Seoul Mayor Lee Myung-bak.

Recently, Seo alleged, “Mayor Lee visited POSCO chairman Kim Man-je three times in 1995. He was asking Kim to buy a lot in Gangnam, Seoul.” He also contended that although the land was purchased in the name of Lee’s brother-in-law Kim Jae-jeong, it was Lee who actually owned the land.

In response, Kim filed a criminal complaint against Seo on a defamation charge, arguing that Lee was not involved in the deal.

The prosecution questioned Seo to figure out whether his allegation was supported by evidence.

In the meanwhile, the DA’s office urged former Mayor Lee’s brother Lee Sang-eun to report to the office. Lee Sang-eun jointly bought the land at issue with Kim Jae-jeong from Hyundai Construction. The office also questioned POSCO employees who got involved in the land deal.

Previously on Monday, the DA’s office locked up Hong, who was a close aide to candidate Park. But Hong was released yesterday. The authorities suspect that Hong bought former police officer Kwon Oh-han and had him take out copies of former Mayor Lee’s residential and social security information.

Chief Prosecutor Kim Hong-il, who is in charge of the case, explained, “Hong vehemently denies the charge. Thus, we need more time. We have to question another individual who arranged a meeting between Hong and Kwon, and look into the e-mails and call logs. Then, we will decide whether to proceed with the habeas corpus procedure.”

The law enforcement agency cleared the National Intelligence Service and other government agencies of the charge that their employees illegally accessed the personal information of Lee and his family members. The office explained that they had accessed the information pursuant to the relevant laws in the line of duty.

In the meantime, the DA’s office arrested GNP member Kim Hae-ho. Kim was charged with making false accusations against candidate Park and the late Rev. Choi Tae-min.

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