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Park’s Campaign Team Knew of Canal Report Beforehand

Posted July. 10, 2007 03:05,   


According to recent police investigations, former Grand National Party (GNP) Chairwoman and GNP presidential contender Park Geun-hye, knew about the existence and contents of K-Water’s report on presidential candidate Lee Myung-bak’s canal project before it was made public.

Lee’s presidential campaign members said that this finding proves that Park’s campaign forces were involved in trying to hurt Lee’s canal project and demanded an apology from Park.

Park’s campaign crew knew about the report-

The police, currently investigating the leak of the canal report to the media, announced on Monday that the existence of the 37-page report was leaked to Assemblyman Yoo Seong-min, who is on Park’s presidential campaign crew, on May 31 before it was made public by the media on June 4.

According to the police, Kim (age: 40) the CEO of a wedding match making company received the canal report from Director Kim Sang-woo of K-Water on May 25 and gave a copy of it to Professor Bang (Age: 62) of Seoul National University.

The police concluded that Professor Bang notified Assemblyman Yoo. Professor Bang was made a committee leader of Candidate Park’s campaign on June 14, after the report was made to the public.

CEO Kim told the police that he met Professor Bang through New Right United leader, Chang Jae-wan, and gave him a copy of the report because he might be interested in it.

Professor Bang in turn is known to have said that because he was a policy advisor to Park’s presidential campaign, he called Assemblyman Yoo to notify him of the existence and contents of the report.

Assemblyman Yoo held a press conference the day he was notified of the report and said that the incumbent administration made a report on the canal project and that it is saving it till the GNP presidential candidate is picked.

According to the police, CEO Kim gave the same report to a reporter two days after giving it to Professor Bang.

The police said that Professor Bang knew that the same report was leaked to the media. The police are investigating why Professor Bang gave the report to Assemblyman Bang before it was made public.

The police applied for an arrest warrant against CEO Kim and K-Water Director Kim on charges of breaking the K-Water Laws and election laws. The police are also discussing applying for the charges against Professor Bang.

Candidate Lee’s campaign is demanding Candidate Park’s apology-

Former Seoul Mayor Lee demanded Candidate Park’s apology and said that it is obvious the canal report made its way to her campaign.

Assemblyman Chung Doo-un released a press report on Former Mayor Lee’s behalf and said that he started to get suspicious when Assemblyman Yoo suggested that both assemblymen put their assemblyman status on the line.

Assemblyman Chung did not demand that Assemblyman Yoo to resign but demanded that Candidate Park explain what is going on and that she apologize to GNP members and the countrymen. He also asked her to stop the negative campaign activity.

Assembyman Yoo replied that although Professor Bang told him of the report on May 31, he did not receive the report. He said that he received the report only after the report was made to the public through a campaign worker.

Assemblyman Yoo said that Assemblyman Chung’s allegations that a GNP assemblyman leaked the report to the media were proved false. He demanded Assemblyman Chung’s apology. He added that reports on the canal project cannot be trusted whether it was made by professors appointed by Candidate Lee or the government because they are backed by political motives.

The police are now investigating Seoul Metropolitan Government’s involvement-

The police started investigating how Seoul Development Institute started studying the feasibility of the canal project when Candidate Lee was mayor. The police said that they found out that Professor Baek Yong-ho of Ewha Womans University, who was the head of the institute at the time, initiated the project.

The police said that after questioning 13 Seoul Development Institute officials and three employees of Seoul Economic Institute, which was involved in the project, that Professor Baek initiated the report to study how the canal project would solve logistics problems after reunification in September 2004. Professor Baek is involved in Candidate Lee’s campaign.

The police are planning to question the then business planning director, policy planning director, and administration director of Seoul Metropolitan Government.