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“The President Is Too Strong,” Says Professor

Posted June. 29, 2007 03:53,   


“President Roh’s unbridled power poses the biggest threat to Korean politics today. President Roh’s administration is worse than DJ’s in that regard, and DJ’s was worse than YS’s.”

Choi Jang-jip, a professor teaching political science and diplomacy at Korea University, at a special lecture commemorating the 20th anniversary of the June Struggle organized by the Korea Democracy Foundation held at the Seoul History Museum in Shinmunro said, “When the wrong person gets elected to oversee a strong national body, that person can become autocratic. Parties as well as party politics, albeit anachronistic, worked when YS was in power, but in the Roh administration, it seems like parties are nonexistent.”

He said that Roh has consistently ignored the National Assembly and political parties, arbitrarily deciding to launch negotiations to conclude the FTA with the U.S. without getting the support of the ruling party or getting the National Assembly to review the accord. He also showed a total disregard for the results of the local, special, and re-elections.