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Clean Between Toes, Wear Cotton Socks in Sneakers

Posted June. 13, 2007 03:03,   


1. Keep Clean

In summer, sweaty feet are vulnerable to various foot-related diseases such as athlete’s foot and infection if there is a wound. Keeping your feet clean can prevent those diseases. When you wash your feet, clean between your toes with soap and soak your feet in cold and hot water for one or two minutes alternately. This helps relax your feet that are stressed all day long. Don’t forget to remove moisture between the toes and dry them.

2. Remove Calluses

The easiest way is to soak your feet in warm water and remove calluses. When they become soft in 10-15 minutes, scrape them off gently with a foot-buffer. But if you do it wrong, you can destroy the skin, causing inconvenience in your daily life. If soaking does not work, you can use screen products or medicine containing ingredients that help callous removal.

3. Moisturize

After getting rid of calluses, dry your feet and apply moisturizing cream. With the cream on your feet, wear socks, which are more effective. If the condition is severe, you can treat them with a medicine containing callus softener.

4. During Sleep, Place Foot Higher Than Heart

If you stand or walk all day long, the blood comes down to the foot due to gravity. This may make your foot swell or painful, leading to rough skin. When you put your foot higher than your body, you can sleep soundly thanks to better blood circulation.

5. Comfortable Footwear

To prevent toe corns and callus, comfortable footwear is essential. Shoes should fit the size and the shape of your foot with moderate hills and spongy insoles. In summer, people often wear sneakers with bare foot, but this is not good for your foot. Wear cotton socks that can absorb sweat and ventilate and dry the outsoles as often as possible.

6. A variety of Foot-Care Products

Nail and foot salons are common now. Portable “foot sprays” for bad odor removal, a “special elastic insoles” that include wood vinegar, “socks for callus heels,” and “foot sole cushions” releasing callus pain coming from high heels are available.