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Yang Pa Returns as Mature Woman

Posted May. 09, 2007 09:04,   


Yang Pa, who will announce on May 17 her fifth album “The Windows of My Soul,” her first album in six years, repeatedly used the words “awkward” and “embarrassed” during her interview. She said so much time has passed since her debut that now young soldiers look like children with good complexion in her eyes. Yang Pa who made her debut as a singer in 1997 when she was a high school student swept various best rookie singer awards with her hit song “Young Love.” However, the world has changed and so has she. She has become a mature woman. The momentum behind her growth was, however, “frustration.” Although Yang Pa enjoyed huge success until she released her fourth album in 2001, she had to stop her musical career after being sued by her former agency run by her relative. Everything had to be suspended, including her musical activities and studies at the Berklee College of Music in the U.S.

“I drank a lot to alleviate suffering and often took sleeping pills because so many different thoughts popped into my head at night. But, it was also a new challenge for a pop singer,” Yang Pa said.

It was not easy to overcome the 6-year break as she has become a “singer in the past.” While on her break, female singers have become sexier and medium-tempo ballads have become the most popular type of music. She says, “I can understand that teenagers may find it difficult to recognize me. But I become really sad when people consider me as a really old singer, as if I am a generation older than my peers.”

Yang Pa explains that the fifth album will be a cornerstone for her to grow up as a mature adult. The album which does not go with the current of the times has captured Yang Pa’s unique emotional qualities. The new album mainly consists of ballads and contains Yang Pa’s dedication to music over the past six years. Although it may not be enough to catapult her into instant stardom once again, the title song, “Love… What is it?” should be credited for giving her enough momentum to return to the limelight, reflecting the fact that Yang Pa considers the album as just a warm up. Moreover, her new songs such as “Marry Me” and “You are Nice” written by herself showcase her new side, clearly indicating her musical prowess and talent.

Yang Pa made her debut at age 19. Perhaps it is natural to regret life since she had to have a 6-year hiatus after a 4-year music career. She may regret having lived a less active life or perhaps letting someone control the steering wheel of her life. She might be still young and insecure.

“I sometimes think what would have happed if I had chosen to study political science & diplomacy at Yonsei University since it was what I dreamed of before making my debut as a singer. I regret giving up the College Scholastic Ability Test 10 years ago due to a stomachache. But when I meet my friends, they also complain about their small wages and grueling work hours. I think I made a right decision.”

As she mentioned her parents, her worried face lit up instantly. Her father who strongly insisted her to major in law at Seoul National University and marry a bank employee now never forgets to clip and collect articles about her, and her mother also encourages her to do experimental music. So what would she have prepared for her parents?

“A big hit album, not gaining too much weight. Being a good live singer? And marriage. I am serious that I’d like to get married,” she said. She was already dreaming another dream.