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President Roh, “Withdrawal from the Party, More Time for State Affairs”

President Roh, “Withdrawal from the Party, More Time for State Affairs”

Posted May. 09, 2007 09:04,   


It is reported that many members of the Uri Party believe President Roh Moo-hyun’s “opposition to the disbandment of the Uri Party” and his comment about potential presidential hopefuls are “inappropriate.”

Many party members maintain that the direction of the ruling party should be “considered only after observing the result of its leadership’s integration movement.”

On May 8, Dong-A Ilbo conducted a telephone survey of 98 Uri Party lawmakers (excluding party chairman, supreme council members, the floor leader, and Rhyu Si-min, minister of Health & Welfare), in regards to the current situation of the Uri Party. Sixty-three calls were connected successfully; 45 members participated in the survey and 18 declined.

Regarding the future direction of the Uri Party, 32 out of 45 members (71.1 percent) stated “[We] must wait until the decision is made by the party leadership early next month.” Three members contended for an “immediate disbandment of the party.”

When asked about the integration method of the pan-ruling camps, 27 out of 45 members (60 percent) responded, “All presidential hopefuls who are not members of the Grand National Party should hold a round-table conference at an agreed location.”

Previously, President Roh made this statement on the Cheong Wa Dae Briefing website: “Those promoting the disbandment of the Uri Party need not be in politics.” Former Uri Party Chairs, Chung Dong-young and Kim Geun-tae, felt attacked and responded with animosity.

Chung Dong-young released a statement to the press. “If various discussions and practice towards the unification of our citizens are considered ‘antiquated politics,’ then the alternative only gives way to the self-righteousness and insolence of a nation’s authoritative figure; in turn, subjecting us to a variant of ‘a reign of terror.’”

At a political forum, former Uri Party Chairman Kim also retorted that “Roh Moo-hyun’s mental capacity has evaporated, leaving behind only the shell of a faction sectionalist.” He spared no accusations, declaring that “President Roh Moo-hyun’s ‘personal correspondence’ tactics support the consolidation of power by the Grand National Party, making him an accomplice to the enemy.”

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