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Like Father, Like Daughter – We Are a Rugby Family

Posted April. 26, 2007 03:18,   


“I just follow my father’s wishes.”

Pak Yoon-gyeong, 50, president of Kyungbuk Kwang-yu Co. (KK Oil), is known as the “God-mother of football in North Gyeongsang province.” She shows an extraordinary affection toward rugby and whole-heartedly supports the sport which is considered to be exclusively for men.

She willingly donated 10 billion won worth of land (10,800 pyeong) to build a rugby stadium with natural lawn in Gyeongsan city, North Gyeongsang province. A generous sponsor, she has also provides a 30 million won scholarship fund to many middle and high school rugby teams in the region.

“I often watched football games as I was growing up. My father used to play so my love for rugby developed organically. What I am doing now is for my father’s legacy.” Her father is the late Pak Jin-hee, the previous chairman of KK Oil Co. He initiated the rugby scholarship in 1987 when he founded “Songhwa Rugby Promotion Agency.” Songhwa refers to his pen name.

She attends every rugby game that takes place in the province. On April 25, she participated in the inaugural meeting held at Gyeongsan High School in encouragement of the youth rugby players who will compete in the 2007 Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament (Japan, Fukuoka, April 29-May 5). She plans to hold the “Songhwa National Rugby Tournament” in 2009, after the rugby stadium with natural lawn is finished next year. Each year, her company honors competent employees who used to be football players. For these unusual affections for the sport, she gained the position of vice-president of the National Rugby Association; the first time in history that a female has taken the post.

“This sport is a team game. Each player must cooperate with his team-mates and make personal sacrifices to win. The same is true for a company. I have learned a lot from rugby,” she said.