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Group MC the Max

Posted April. 19, 2007 03:58,   


It’s been seven years since MC the Max made their debut. However, there was a time when they almost had to bid their fans farewell. From the very beginning, this year has been an intensely frustrating one for the trio boy band that has sung hit songs such as “The Poem of Love,” and “Don’t be Happy”; There were disputes over their exclusive contract with their former management agency; Another music group unrelated to them was launched under the name MC the Max Ⅱ. However, as if bouncing back from the bottom, MC the Max released their fifth album “Returns” on Wednesday; their first in 17 months. When I met them they immediately produced a portable console and asked, “Would you like to play a game with us?” I asked them what trials and tribulations they have been forced to overcome with a few key words.

○ Separation?

“I heard about the group’s disbandment while we were recording the fifth album. Our former management agency announced the disbandment saying we do not have any passion for music. It was like watching a comedy show. We didn’t have any reason to quit music,” said E-soo, 26, vocalist of MC the Max.

“Although our former management agency filed for an injunction barring us from using our group name, the court rejected the request. Then the agency launched MC the Max Ⅱ, basically making another MC the Max. However, we are still MC the Max as always. I often lament the fact that outside elements disturb our passion. I think the secret to a long singing career is ‘hanging in there’,” said Jeon Min-hyuk, 26, the drummer of the group.

○ R&B (Rock and Ballad)?

“In fact, the identity of our music is rock. Yet, it is also true that we have been singing ballads that appeal to the sentiments of Koreans. In short, we have been distinguishing between what we like and what we have to do,” said J. Yoon, 24, the violinist and bass guitarist.

“So we put both rock and ballads on the fifth album. Roughly half of our 15 songs featured on the new album are dynamic; “Returns” is an exciting rock song that reminds people of our early work; “Moment” revives the sounds of the ‘80s new wave; “Rain” is a funky song that J. Yoon wrote after suffering from an acute stomach upset. Although our title song, “Heart Stop,” is a ballad, we believe that one day we will be able to show our true colors. We are certainly in a transition period,” E-soo said.

○ Blood Type A, Precocious Children?

It has been seven years since we made our debut as Moonchild in 2000, after being selected by Shin Hae-chul in 1999. We could have survived as a group despite numerous crises….because we are tangled up to each other by debts. (Laughs). Since we are all blood type A, we think things over a dozen times before we talk so as to not hurt each other,” E-soo said.

“Although everyone is crying out for digital albums, we still love CDs and think it good to be old-school. When we were teenagers, all we could think about was singing, but now it has become more like telling a story. Perhaps we are all precocious children of blood type A,” Jeon said.