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“Evaluation Results ‘Perfect’; Now Time to Focus on Diplomacy”

“Evaluation Results ‘Perfect’; Now Time to Focus on Diplomacy”

Posted April. 14, 2007 07:56,   


Carmen Sylvain, the BIE vice president and chairperson of the BIE Executive Committee, said, “The presentation was perfect, and that gave an unforgettable impression. I hope our friendship with the Korean people and Yeosu citizens lasts forever.”

She made the remark after receiving the city’s last presentation in the morning of April 13.

She and other judges visited Korea to evaluate Korea`s bid to host the 2012 World Expo in the southern coastal city of Yeosu.

The judges from the International Exhibitions Bureau wrapped up their five-day evaluation with two final presentations on budget and financing plans in the morning in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Yongsan, Seoul. After the presentations, the judges met Song Min-soon, Korea`s Foreign Minister, held a news conference, and had dinner hosted by Kim Jae-cheol, chief director of the bidding committee for 2012 Yeosu World Expo.

A “Perfect” evaluation from the judges-

The BIE delegates upgraded the feasibility of hosting the Expo in Yeosu in a news conference at 3:30 p.m. on April 13 in the hotel.

Carmen Sylvain said that, “Before arriving in Yeosu, we doubted the city’s accommodation capacity and transportation infrastructure. But such doubts have disappeared. The preparations and plans for hosting the Expo were nearly perfect.” Also, she added that she will report Yeosu’s great enthusiasm to host the event to the BIE general assembly meeting.

She also indicated the possibility of Yeosu’s hosting the event by saying that, “the room number I stayed in was 2007 and the opposite one was 2012. This may be quite a coincidence, but I will leave it to interpretation of reporters.”

Like her, other delegates also gave good grades in their evaluation.

Vicente Loscertales, the BIE secretary-general, said that the citizens’ great zeal to host the Expo is a sign of success. And BIE Denmark representative Steen Christensen praised the preparations by saying that “Korea’s preparations definitely lived up to my expectations.

Moreover, BIE Hungary representative Laszlo Glatz said that, “I feel it is reasonable for Yeosu to host the 2012 World Expo and we will keep Korea in our minds.”

All-out diplomatic efforts should be made-

It seems sure that the judges left with a good impression. However, experts point out that Korea should focus on diplomacy from now on because voting among member nations of the BIE chooses the hosting country.

Yoo Woo-ik, a geography professor at Seoul National University, also pointed out that, “Korea will not repeat its failure of 2002 only when society and the government make concerted and all-out efforts to win more support from the international community.”

Furthermore, many pointed out that the transportation infrastructure of Yeosu should be improved as the committee promised to the delegates, bringing up communication and accommodation capacity to global standards.

The judges are scheduled to leave Korea at 1:50 p.m. April 14 from Incheon International Airport after visiting Leeum Museum in Yongsan in the morning.

They will also visit two candidate cities in Morocco (between April 30 to May 4) and Poland (May 14 to 18) and present the evaluation results during the 141st BIE general assembly meeting in Paris, France in June.

The BIE will select the winner by a secret vote of its 98 member states during its 142nd general assembly meeting in December.