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Korean Rosebay

Posted April. 06, 2007 08:01,   


The Dosoram Grotto is a clearing between the top of Mt. Yeongchwi and Bongwujae. You can see Heungguksa (Heungguk Temple) from the grotto. It is a slow climb to the grotto, not only because the road is steep, but also because the beautiful Korean rosebays will grab your attention. Pink in appearance, Korean rosebays are scattered along the base of 450bong, but this is just a prelude. The sight of Mt. Yeongchwi’s Korean rosebays is like listening to a glorious symphony with four movements. You cannot leave after only listening to the prelude.

At the peak, called Jillyebong, you can see the blue waters and islands of the southern sea between Gwangyangman and Yeosu. The coastline is straight as the tideland of Yeosu Industrial Complex was developed into an industrial estate. The line looks artificial, but you always feel refreshed when looking at the sea. Viewing the sea from the mountain is a moving experience; even more so under the warm Spring sunshine.

The milepost marks three different routes to the peak, including “0.6km to Bongwujae, 1.8km to Heungguksa” and “3.8km to Golmaengijae, 3.7km to Dolgogae (festival site).” To see the marvelous spectacle of pink-to-red Korean rosebays, you have to take the route to Dolgogae. Passing through the Dolgogae plant community, you can see Korean rosebays blooming in the peak plant community on your left and in the Gaeguri Bawi plant community on your right. Mt. Yeongchwi has a total of five plant communities (0.15 million pyeong in total), including Bongwujae.

There is a 2m high Korean rosebay tunnel on the route to Dolgogae. The phrase, “a field of flowers,” does not suit Mt. Yeongchwi, as it is more like “a forest of flowers.” A wave of flowers in shades of red and pink covers the top. The awe-inspiring vision, like nothing you have seen before, is a truly splendid spectacle. People viewing this picturesque landscape for the first time look uplifted and happy, and proud of the fact that they were born in Korea.

Travel Information –

How to find the Korean Rosebay: Korean Rosebay trekking – There are three routes, via the Korea Electric Power building, Heungguksa, or Dolgogae. To see the Korean rosebay, the Dolgogae route is the best. Most people use the Heungguksa route (3km), but this can be a little boring as there are no flowers to see along the way. Recommended is the Dolgogae event site route (reserved army training site)-Imdo-Bongwujae-Dosoram grotto-Dolgogae-Dolgogae event site. It takes two and half hours to climb and one and half hours to come down. The Dolgogae event site is at the reserved army training site across the entrance to GS-Caltex plant in Yeosu. The entrance to the path up a mountain is right next to it. The Korean rosebay festival ended on April 1, but you can see flowers up until this weekend (April 8).

Entrance (Dolgogae event site) – 1056 Wolnae-dong, Yeosu, South Jeolla Province. Daejeon Tongyeong Highway-Jinju Junction-Namhae Highway-Gwangyang Interchange-National Highway No. 2 (to Mokpo)-National Highway No. 17-Yeosu Airport-Turning left at Seokchang crossroads (to Yeosu Industrial Complex)-Jungheung three-way junction-Turning right at Duam three-way junction-GS-Caltex plant in Yeosu.

Yeosu “Turtle Ship” Festival: April 10-14 in downtown Yeosu and the marine park. Visit www.yeosugeobuksun.com, or call 061-690-2287 for more information.

Features: A number of special events are planned as the festival is being held at the same time as the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE)’s review team plans to visit the area to monitor the preparations for the 2012 Yeosu Expo.

Jinnamje & Samdo Sugun Tongjeyeong Dukje (April 11): A reproduction of Admiral Yi Sunsin’s sacrificial ritual before departing to fight against the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, based on documents found at Gyujanggak.

World Fire Festival: Around the marine park at 8:00 p.m. on April 11 and at 9:00 p.m. on April 14. Korean, Italian, and German techno artists will stage a fire/lightning show in the form of a “multimedia fire show” for the 2005 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), to welcome the review team.

Package Travel –

Bus tours for the Korean rosebay, Gwangyang Bulgogi, and “Turtle Ship” Festival (one-day course) are available at Seongwoo Travel. Visit www.swtour.co.kr, or call 02-720-8311.

Tour of Yeongchwi Korean rosebay: Departs on April 7 and 8. Cost: 43,000 won.

Tour to Gwangyang Bulgogi: Departs on April 10, includes Mt. Baekgye Dongbaeklim and Hwagae Jangteo. Cost: 53,000 won.

Tour to Turtle Ship Festival: Departs on April 11. Goes to Odongdo (Odong Island) after having Bulgogi in Gwangyang and enjoying the fire festival. Cost: 53,000 won.