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Skiing and Snowboarding Season is Still with Us

Posted March. 10, 2007 07:45,   


Alts Bandai Ski Resort is located at the foot of Mt. Bandai (1819 m) in the Fukushima prefecture of Japan. This ski resort is more favored by snowboarders than skiers because there are many well-equipped facilities as well as an international championship that take place each year, such as the Nippon Open Snowboarding Championships (February) and the Slope-style Alts Championships (March). Spectators can see the fantastic performances of many world-class snowboarders. The Nippon Open 2007 Championships was highlighted by the presence of the many star players.

Snowboarders are fascinated with Alts Bandai primarily because there are as many as six board parks that feature various facilities from an entry park for beginners to a global park for advanced snowboarders. The number of snowboarding-related facilities, such as half-pipes and rail jams, amounts to 100.

There are 29 slopes along Mt. Bandai and 11 operating ski lifts. Unlike other ski resorts in Korea, the Alts Bandai ski resort offers various types of slopes so that goers will find it enjoyable and fun for even two to three days of a snowboarding trip.

Alts Bandai Ski Resort offers snowboarding and skiing lessons for beginners and also has security policies. If you are a beginner experiencing difficulty learning and do not show any progress, you can apply for a refund. You can also receive lessons in English.

When you see the broad and long ski slopes in Japan, you may think that that makes a difference compared to the slopes in Korea. If you descend those ski-slopes a couple of times, you may feel hungry again. A European restaurant was opened for such energetic snowboarders. Hamburgers and B.B.Q. salads are its main dishes, but the portions are more generous than average.

There are two ways you can get to the Alts Bandai Ski Resort. It takes two hours by car from Niigata International Airport, but only about one and a half hours from Fukushima Airport. You can also enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Inawashiro-ko Lake, one of the four largest lakes in Japan, which is located not very far from the ski resort grounds.

Travel Tips-

Below are some tips to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Alts Bandai’s delicacy is curry, which is known for being cooked with high-quality rice and good water. There are several kinds of curry available including vegetable and chicken curries. They boast their good tastes and guarantee refunds.

With only a five-minute walk, you can get to Spa Alts Oruri. This spa is an affiliated facility of the Spa Hotel on the Alts Bandai ski grounds. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the snow-covered Mt. Bandai and the lake Inawashiro-ko in its outdoor spa facility.

Alts Bandai Ski Resort website is www.Alts.co.jp. The Nippon Open Championships website is www.nipponopen-snowboarding.com.

Package tour products with Hyundai Dream Tour Agency (www.hundaidreamtour.com) depart on Wednesdays and Fridays to Niigata International Airport, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays to Fukushima International Airport (549,000 won). An Alts Bandai Resort Spa (449,000 won) trip with Hana Tour Agency (www.hanatour.com) leaves on Fridays.

The Nippon Open Championship is one of the three major snowboarding championships, along with New Zealand Open and European Open Championships. Alts Bandai has hosted the Nippon Championships every year since 2004 and the event was held from February 20 through February 25. In addition to current events such park style and half-pipe, another event, rail jump, was added this year. This sporting event is very special in that it serves as a gateway to success for many amateurs as well as star players.