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SK Knights Make a Comeback with Bang

Posted January. 18, 2007 07:11,   


On January 10, SK players roared in admiration during their shooting drills at SK basketball stadium in Yong-in, Gyeonggi after the team’s forward Bang Seong-yun (25) slammed home a dunk. Bang, excited at his success, ran to others and asked if they saw him. Many said they didn’t. He tried it again only to fail this time. Watching this, Moon Kyung-eun (36) came forward and said, “I’ll try.” After snatching the tossed ball from the air, he aimed at the ring but slightly missed it. The dunk shot performance staged by the eldest and the youngest team members put the entire stadium into fits of laughter.

The SK Knights have changed. Their performance is dazzling, too. As of January 17, they still ranked eighth, but have four wins in their five latest games.

The main actor of the performance is Bang. He has averaged 22.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 4.4 assists in the last five games. These records, especially rebounds and assists, are much better than those of last season. He is confident enough to try a bold lay-up in the midst of much taller imported players.

The supporting actor for Bang is Moon. SK appointed Moon a playing coach at the beginning of the year. He readily accepted the position without additional payment or a letter of appointment, knowing that now he is guaranteed a regular coach position at SK after retirement.

The first thing he did as a coach was talk to Bang. During the two hours of talks, he encouraged Bang, saying, “Now you are the main forward, and I’ll be there to assist you.” Bang pledged he would do everything he could to meet expectations.

Bang is in high spirits these days. When offered a rest, he enthusiastically insists on playing through the game. After the peaceful “change of generation,” the SK Knights are ever closer to making the post-season for the first time in five years.