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Park Chan-ho Says Deal Is Imminent

Posted January. 17, 2007 06:42,   


“Don’t worry and wait a bit more.”

Korea’s first Major Leaguer, Park Chan-ho, 34, posted a message about his current situation on his homepage (www.psgkorea.com) on January 16.

Park Chan-ho, a free agent after the season of 2006, hinted that he is soon to make a deal, saying on the message, “Where to go will be decided before this year’s season starts.”

He continued, “I am training to improve my pitching with a changed pitching style. Don’t worry about the delay in making a deal for the next season.”

He also added that it is more important to do his best in any team than how much he will receive.

At the end of last year, Park said, “I’m negotiating with three teams in the West Division, and one of them is very interested in me.” Since the five teams in the West Division have mostly finished their deals with pitchers, however, there is a possibility Park may sign with a team in a different division.