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Union Council Wants Hyundai Apology

Posted January. 09, 2007 03:01,   


The Ulsan Council of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) suggested on January 8 that the Hyundai Motor Labor Union should apologize to the people for disrupting the company’s New Year’s opening ceremony.

The Ulsan Council said in a press conference held at its office in Samsan-dong in the morning, “With Hyundai Motor labor union’s disastrous clash with management on the first day of New Year, the people are concerned about the relationship between labor and management in 2007. We suggest that the union apologize to the people for its actions in the clash.”

The unprecedented request for an apology seems to come from the Council’s awareness of the public’s criticism not only of the union, but of the KCTU.

Ulsan Council Chairman Ha Bu-yeong was the union’s second (Aug. 1989-July 1990) and sixth (Sept. 1995-July 1997) director of business affairs and eighth vice chairman (May 1999-Feb. 2001).

The Ulsan Council also suggested that the company pay 50 percent of the unpaid year end bonuses and cancel its lawsuit over damages made in the clash as the source of the conflict.

The Council argued, “The company intentionally induced the union protest by cutting down bonuses and holding the opening ceremony even though it knew a catastrophic clash would follow. With things left as they are, both labor and management will be destroyed together.”