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Iraq Court Sentences Hussein to Death

Posted December. 30, 2006 07:17,   


Foreign news agencies reported that the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein will be executed as early as December 30, earlier than the schedule.

Khallil al-Duleimi, one of Hussein’s lawyers, remarked, “The Iraqi government obtained custody of Hussein from U.S. troops in Iraq, which means that his execution is not far away.” Until now, Hussein had been held at a U.S. military camp close to the Baghdad airport.

The appellate court, Iraq’s supreme court, concluded the death sentence on December 26. The Iraqi law states that an execution may take place within 30 days of the final judgment.

On December 29, CNN quoted a senior Bush administration official as saying, “Hussein will be executed within 36 hours.” Other news agencies also reported, “There are signs that Hussein is about to be executed.”

Hussein’s lawyers said, “A U.S. military offical sent us a message that we can pick up personal belongings of Hussein and Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, Hussein’s halfbrother whose death sentence, too, was finalized.”

Reportedly, the U.S. military authorities in Iraq allowed relatives of Hussein an opportunity to visit him. According to the Iraqi law, criminals whose execution is approaching are allowed to meet their family for a final time.