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Race Puts Focus on Disabled in Korea

Posted December. 01, 2006 06:37,   


Disabled runners, including Cha Seong-woo (42), Yoo Jeong-ha (60), and Hwang Jae-seon (41) who are visually handicapped; Cheon Ki-shik (47) and Paek Nam-min (28) who had their arm and leg amputated, respectively; Lee Seung-chan (18) and Yoo Eun-gyeong (20 from Seoul National School for the Deaf) who have hearing difficulties; the real hero of the movie Bae Hyung-jin, who is autistic will participate in the Purme Foundation and S-Oil’s race event for the handicapped. Jeon Cheon-gu (41), Kang Jin-hong (49) and Yoo Dal-yong (37) from S-Oil will accompany the visually handicapped to help them finish the race.

The event was planned to provide an outdoor space for the handicapped who are usually forced to stay inside. Paek Gyeong-hak (43), the chief executive of the Purme Foundation, said, “I wanted to give hope to the disabled who are suffering because of their handicaps.”

Cha Seong-woo, who found meaning in life through marathon running and started a second life, said, “There are so many things that we do not know about the handicapped.” Currently he is helping as a public relations officer at the Purme Foundation. He finishes races wearing a shirt with the logo of the Purme Foundation and shouts “Purme Foundation” while running.

Chun Ki-shik and Paek Nam-min will run the 10km course to highlight the efforts of amputees with artificial limbs.

Park Mi-gyeong (47), the mother of Bae Hyung-jin, said, “People still do not welcome the handicapped. What they need to do is just acknowledge their disabilities as they are and help them to adapt themselves to the community.

Meanwhile, Tournet, the host of this competition, is sponsoring the Purme Foundation’s efforts in this meaningful event.