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GNP Calm Despite Roh Resignation Talk

Posted November. 30, 2006 06:49,   


The GNP is holding back any strong opinions on President Roh’s recent remarks about his term and quitting his party.

After President Roh made controversial remarks about his term on November 28, GNP chairman Kang Jae-sup said, “I hope President Roh concentrates on running the government.” GNP spokesperson Yoo Ki-jun said, “I hope President Roh serves out his term.”

Jeong Hyung-keun, a supreme councilmember of the GNP, said during a high-ranking party official meeting held on November 29, “President Roh frequently talks about the possibility of not serving out his term. It’s like threatening the public.” This was the only remarks related to the subject during the meeting, and was a significantly diluted statement compared with his past statements. His criticism toward President Roh usually includes, “Down with President Roh”; “He should apologize to the public”; and “He should wait for punishment for his guilt.”

A GNP official said, “The party decided to minimize its reaction in order to reduce any potential repercussions.”

It can be interpreted that the GNP thinks President Roh’s remark is a political ploy to rally anti-GNP politicians so that the GNP doesn’t need to dance to his whistle.

One official said, “The GNP thinks President Roh’s quitting the Uri Party is not in the GNP’s interest considering the three presidential hopefuls vying for the GNP candidacy. If President Roh leaves his party, the GNP race will draw greater attention from the public, which can trigger unnecessary fierce competition and in turn could bring adverse side effects such as internal tension and factions within the party.”

Also, the ruling party may have leeway to lead political realignment with no pressure because the party would no longer be harassed by calls for responsibility for running the government if President Roh quits the party. Such a scenario is not what the GNP wants.

GNP floor leader Kim Hyong-oh said in a radio program on November 29, “The GNP will not participate in a neutral cabinet if President Roh forms one after quitting his party. What the GNP wants is not participation in the government. We just want a government that shows good governance and makes policies for the public and stops appointing acquaintances to high-ranking posts.”