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Actor Rain

Posted November. 16, 2006 06:12,   


In his latest film, director Park Chan-wook has chosen love as his subject matter instead of his usual theme of revenge. The main actor of the film, Jeong Ji-hoon, also known as “Rain,” also made an interesting choice: film instead of TV soap operas.

His film debut is drawing a lot of attention. The movie has not yet been released, so his performance in the movie will be judged later. But after a four year TV career as a singer and an actor, his screen debut as the main actor of “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK” directed by Park is stimulating the curiosity of movie-goers.

He may have felt pressure, expectations, and challenge. But when he was interviewed, what he mentioned first was about how great director Park was.

“What do I think about Park? He is the consummate Korean movie director. Many people asked me about the pressure, but I was just grateful for this opportunity. That was all I felt during the shooting. As you may know Park is really kind and gentle. He didn’t criticize me much and I had fun.”

The first thing he had to do as a film actor was to forget his persona as a singer “Rain.”

The first thing he had to do for the role was to shake off the image of pop star Rain. He played a role as deranged Park Il-soon and had to hide his voluptuous muscular body beneath a baggy patient gown in the movie. His messy hair also expressed the extraordinary character he played, similar to the way actress Kang Hye-jeong did when she was featured in the movie “Welcome to Dongmakgol.” He learned to yodel from singer Seo Young-rul to sink into his role as one who mimics others’ talents, like yodeling and playing ping-pong. Given this, it is not like he gained his film opportunity for nothing. What else did he do for the movie? He answered properly as usual.

“It is not like I got the idea from other films or novels. I was just immersed in the role. I was Park Il-soon, not Jung Ji-hoon, during the shooting. That’s how I forgot my ego as a singer.”

He said he had no accidents or funny incidents during the shooting. The atmosphere was so quiet that it made him feel confused whether he was on the movie set. But he said he only had pleasant memories. He almost seemed to murmur like Park Il-soon, “I am a new comer, but I was OK.”