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[Editorial] No More Political Tricks

Posted November. 11, 2006 04:25,   


“President Roh said that he would continue his commitment to state administration until the end of his term. However, he has rejected a meeting with the founding members of the army and, instead, invited ‘Rohsamo’ (a fan club for President Roh Moo-hyun) to express his resolution for victory in the upcoming presidential elections, seeking ways to meddle in politics. This shows his very wrong attitude in handling state administration,” said Rep. Chough Soon-hyung of the minor opposition Democratic Party Thursday at the interpellation session at the National Assembly.

In regard to the ruling Uri Party, Chough also said, “(The Uri Party) said the establishment of the party was a political experiment that needs another morning to start over. However, please do so not in Korea this time but in some other country.”

Chough’s remarks on President Roh’s deviation and the Uri Party’s attempt for a major political re-alignment to stir the sentiments of the public are precisely true. The administration is even busier these days to play political games despite the fact that North Korea is threatening the nation with its nuclear weapons program and that housing prices are skyrocketing. President Roh stated that the nation would not go wrong due to a couple of elections after the disastrous defeat in the May 31 local elections. However, President Roh’s attitude is dramatically different to U.S. President George W. Bush’s, who has taken a series of measures after the defeat in the midterm election, including the reshuffling of the Secretary of Defense.

In regard to establishing a large, neutral cabinet, Cheong Wa Dae suggested pre-conditions that the ruling and opposition parties should first reach an agreement on the normal operation of the Assembly. Cheong Wa Dae is no different from a thief who accuses someone else as a thief. The foremost pre-conditions of forming the cabinet should be working on the problem that occurred in appointing the new chief of the constitutional court as well as various pending bills that the opposition parties strongly disapprove. A large neutral cabinet is doomed unless President Roh changes himself first.

“We should open our arms wide to welcome companions who will walk along with us for peace and prosperity,” Chairman of the Uri Party Kim Geun-tae said Thursday in a speech to commemorate the third anniversary of the Uri Party, clearing indicating his intent to push for political regrouping. However, hints at the formation of a new party at the anniversary were absurd and contradictory to the interest of the party.

The fall of the Uri Party is what they asked for by betraying the interest of the public. The series of apologies that have been recently made appear to be only part of a politically engineered tactic for restoration of power, which lacks a self-punishing attitude for making the lives of the people difficult.

“The Uri Party is blaming everything on President Roh and trying to launch a new party because it has become difficult to win next year’s presidential elections. However, it will be an irresponsible, undisciplined and faithless act that betrays the people,” Chough added, pointing out that the ruling party should take responsibility for the failure of state administration along with the president.

“However difficult it might be, (the administration and the ruling party) should do their best until the last moment of the five-year term and be judged (by the people). Little tricks will never succeed,” Chough said. His remarks well reflect the sentiments of the people.